Whose legs are stronger; Cyclists or runners?

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Runners have strong legs and so do avid cyclists, however, running is weight bearing and deals with propelling the body forward from the ground while a cyclist has less impact which is absorbed by the pedals movement and can either be increased or decreased by the gears.

Both are great cardiovascular workouts and improve fitness and heart function.

Runners World recently looked into this and shared their views on it. Check it out below

Both endurance activities are great for cardiovascular health, but which is better when it comes to building lower limb strength?


Ever found yourself in a petty debate with your mates about which sport is better: running vs cycling? Perhaps you've squabbled over which sport makes you fitter, or even, who has stronger legs – runners or cyclists?

Well, next time you find yourself in a quarrel over that latter point, you might want to reference this very article.

To find out how each sport works our leg muscles differently, leading to differing strengths and physiques between runners and cyclists, we asked Dr Robin Chatterjee, consultant in musculoskeletal, sport and exercise medicine at Chelsea Outpatient Centrepart of HCA Healthcare UK, for some answers.