Why Choose Us?

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Cost Effective - Affordable - Get the help you need now

Why choose Charschan chiropractic and sports injury associates?

  1. We look at you, not just the symptoms you arrived with. Problems such as knee pain, elbow pain, neck pain as well as others often involve other areas of the body. We look outside the box and show you why things hurt because we understand it. Better diagnosis = better and more cost effective outcomes.
  2. We work with the myofascial system using treatments such as myofascial release (trained in Active Release Techniques ®) and Graston Technique, the root cause of many chronic back, neck, shoulder, leg, arm and overall gait related problems. These specialized methods, combined with active evaluation methods allows us to treat more effectively, while allowing for more accurate diagnosis of the cause of your problem. Many problems that were treatment resistant significantly improve or resolve completely using these tools in combination with chiropractic manipulation to restore joint function and improved movement.
  3. Customized treatment plans for every visit. As people improve, your body and the way it works will change as well. This is why each visit, we evaluate you, note your progress and change as you change allowing for the most cost effective treatment. Exercises are then given to strengthen and retrain improperly functioning areas of problem area (s).
  4. Rehab begins when you are proven capable. In many cases, we have patients who went for rehab when they clearly have problems tolerating the basic forces gravity. The result is more pain. We at Charschan Chiropractic believe that the person being treated first needs to be made trainable. Then, with specific tests, we determine when their body can handle additional loading and training. This allows for more efficient care without unneeded exacerbations.
  5. Convenient times and locations in both Scotch Plains and North Brunswick NJ. We even have Sunday Morning and late evening hours after 8pm in our Scotch Plains office.
  6. We make it our mission to help you figure out your problem and arrive at a great outcome, in the shortest time possible.