Why does a weight loss drug that costs $25 to make cost $1000 in the USA?

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For those who have taken some of the popular weight loss drugs such as Wygovy, the cost is rediculous for those of us in the USA.

Why does it cost so much at retail? We would all love to know the answer when I can buy it in Brazil for about $150 dollars.

USA Today recently looked into what feels like price gouging for a popular drug.

Whether you love or loathe him, Bernie Sanders was wondering that too.

This was a problem with insulin until the government got involved but only certain types of insulin were at the lower prices according to my daughter who is a type 1 diabetic.

The drug manufacturers claim the device that delivers the drug is responsible for the high cost, yet, it can be purchased for much less in other countries so that is obviously nonsense.

In the case of the epi pen, the manufacturer pushed the price to over 600 dollars yet the adrenalin in the device costs under $1 and it was estimated the delivery device was consisting of less than $10 in parts. I suspect the cost for Ozempic's delivery device is about the same.

Are we paying for their ad's on television too?

Check out the article in the link below