Why does your body ache and how can you age better?  Ask your chiropractor first.

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A common thing I have discussed with patients is achiness especially as we age.   Most of us can relate to the idea that we wake up in the morning and our body has a discussion with us, only we don't always like what it has to say.   The band Little Feat had a song called Old Folks Boogie that has the lyric I love that says "Oh you know, that you're over the hill when your mind makes a promise that your body can't fill; old folks boogie" Of course there is the other saying of your mind writing checks that your body can't cash. While we can certainly buy into the narratives of you are older, greyer, and more arthritic, there are many of us growing older in style, with less pain, better mobility, and a better quality of life without needing new joints after years of neglect that we didn't fully understand. One doctor who recently was interviewed on Freakonomics MD said that we are currently in healthcare 2.0 which is the interventional and non-preventional drug-reliant form of healthcare many of us are all too familiar with.   He also suggests healthcare 3.0 is more prevention-based where we eat better, exercise more, and live better lifestyles.   He also suggests if we do this well, our last decade of life will likely be much more rewarding.  This is in contrast to our current system that sees us through the eyes of multiple providers looking at us in a disjointed fashion when we are actually built holistically. Healthcare 3.0 has been here for many years already inside your chiropractor's office.   Part of growing older better is that we take better care of ourselves, something chiropractors have always advocated healthier eating, active lifestyles, and holistic care.   Chiropractors are primary care for the musculoskeletal system. Chronic pain begins with poor movement patterns and can be aggravated by poor eating choices over the years that result in problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and degenerated joints that were preventable. Often poor movement patterns are ignored or just misunderstood as the resulting normal stiffness is likely what you are used to.  When you hurt, then you realize it is not normal and look for someone with the skills and knowledge to understand how this happened.  Chiropractors understand how the body works and are body mechanics.  They understand posture, compensations, and the mechanisms behind pain.  They understand that your heel pain is merely the point of impact and will search out the mechanism behind why you hurt.  They understand that a mechanical problem requires a mechanical approach that is natural to improve the way you move so you stop hurting. By improving the way you move, you will have less pain, improved energy, and a better overall quality of life. It is not about blood pressure, numbers of cholesterol, or which disease you were told you had as many of these problems may be preventable or reversible with the proper treatments, foot choices, and lifestyle changes. While we all age, many of us begin to notice distinct changes in our abilities after the age of 40.   The truth is, we get away with many things prior to that age but by then, the discs in the spine begin to dry out and hormonal changes take place in both sexes. Yet there are many people well into their 80s and 90s who are still active and can walk unassisted.  Many play pickleball and even compete athletically on the tennis court or in track and field events as well.

Play the aging game better

A chiropractor can be an invaluable asset as you age. Chiropractors are doctors of movement and understand how movement affects everything we do.   Many common problems such as shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain, and hip pain are merely symptoms of movement issues that we didn't understand until pain forced us to. Chiropractors help you improve movement holistically.  They understand that your shoulder and neck pain may actually be part of a lower back problem that has no symptoms   Perhaps this is why the best chiropractors do a thorough history of why you hurt, rather than a history of just the area of complaint. The healthcare system is moving toward a better model called 3.0 vs. the current model of piecemeal care. The right chiropractor can be indispensable in helping you navigate aging in style. The old model of back and neck and shoulder and other types of pain in search of treatment will always be at the top of our minds when we hurt.   Seeing a chiropractor first will open the door to a better approach to solving why we hurt. Think chiropractor first.   Life is not a dress rehearsal and you have one body that needs to be nurtured especially as we age. Need help today?   Book online here.