Why is back pain so misunderstood? The problem with medicalizing back pain.

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Why is back pain so misunderstood? The problem with medicalizing back pain. There are quite a number of opinions on lower back pain, yet as per the NY Times, with all the approaches that are used, few people are helped with the many approaches or theories about lower back pain. The most dangerous are the medical approaches such as injections which have affected the lives of those who were infected by poorly manufactured medication used with steroid injections to the lower back; a procedure of questionable benefit that is commonly recommended. A NY Times magazine article discusses the problem and makes reference to the fact that there is little evidence that the injections that are highly promoted (and highly profitable as well as expensive) rarely afford long term relief for back pain sufferers (read the article here). One could question whether these procedures would even be an option if a third party no longer paid for them. Of course, there are plenty of snake oil salesmen staking out the internet for back pain sufferers who are desperate and will do anything for relief. Unfortunately, many of them take insurance and with little accountability with regards to results, more insurance money is thrown out the window for worthless treatments. The problem is the idea of "do stuff to it" medicine. Basically, it is throwing mud against the wall and eventually, something may stick, with the something being perhaps some treatment "may possibly" work. There is a silver lining in all this, mostly from the chiropractic profession who has a growing legion of fans because many of their methods work. More educated consumers are now turning to chiropractic first, since they tend to have the highest levels of satisfaction with their treatment methods as per sources such as consumer reports magazine. In today's health care environment, more than ever, it is important to be a better health care consumer. One way, is to read the book Cheating Mother Nature, what you need to know to beat chronic pain. This unique book explains what is wrong with our current health care system with regards to back and other types of chronic pain and explains in simple English how the body work and why you hurt. More importantly, with this knowledge, you will find it much easier to find the right person to help you and it also offers self help tips. Rather than a number of self help things that do not work, Dr. Charschan's book explains why people hurt, what to look for, how to evaluate yourself and your family from a consumers point of view and most importantly, what to look for in the healthcare system to find the best healthcare practitioner to help you get out of pain. Back pain is only misunderstood because most healthcare professions do not understand it, yet they recommend treatments which in many cases just do now work. Since many healthcare plans now have you paying higher deductibles, and since it is now your money, not the insurance carrier's, you need to be more careful as to who you allow to work with you and which recommendations you follow. Reading Cheating Mother Nature can help you be a better health care consumer for your lower back and for other chronic painful conditions. Cheating Mother Nature is available through Amazon.com and other leading booksellers.