Why isn’t dental care considered an important primary care according to the Smithsonian Magazine.

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Research shows us that a healthier mouth leads to a healthier body.

Certain health and even heart conditions have a relationship to the mouth and gum disease can affect other parts of our body.

Historically, medical care is considered a separate specialty although oral health and body health are intertwined.

There are many initiatives across the USA and other countries to begin integrating oral health as part of whole body care.

Holistic approaches make more sense and are more effective than the current piecemeal approach of a specialist for everything which is common today.

Chiropractors have always taken a holistic approach toward the musculoskeletal system which may be while they are less costly and more effective in the treatment of those conditions.

In the medical world, functional medical providers are looking at systems as well and are attempting to find the cause, rather than medicate the symptom on a specialist by specialist basis.

Recently, The Smithsonian Magazine did a deep dive into the movement away from overspecializing of dentistry and instead how it should be part of our regular medical care.

There is now a growing believe in the healthcare communities that integrateoing oral and whole-body care will more effectively tackle diabetes, cardiovascular disease, joint replacements and many other conditions.