Why wait for a physical therapist appointment when your local highly skilled chiropractor is available today?

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Chiropractic has been growing in popularity, especially among those who have recently discovered how safe and effective it is. Chiropractors have been recently recommended by United Healthcare's Optum division as well as by Consumer Reports because of their effectiveness and cost-effectiveness as well. As the healthcare system has become more mechanized, and primary care has been marginalized, people are discovering that holistic care of the musculoskeletal system is a more sensible approach to problems such as back problems, neck problems, shoulder problems, knee and even foot problems. Chiropractors see patients from a functional perspective and unlike physical therapists, are not merely working off a script and protocols. While there is a variance from chiropractor to chiropractor on how they practice, often patients have found that refreshing as it offers them more options for care. While chiropractors are known for manipulation, chiropractic sports medicine which we practice also includes rehab, specialization in neurology, orthopedics as well and gait. Our office practices primary care of the musculoskeletal system, which is sorely lacking in our current system.   Patients often see us as a one-stop shop for most of the mechanical problems they have experienced or failed to resolve using other approaches to care. For years, primary care kept patients from entering the medical system by having the doctor figure out their problems.  In today's system, the primary doctor still does this but they are incentivized to send to specialists in their system resulting in more people visiting more doctors which can be expensive, time-consuming, and in many cases ineffective.

Avoid the wait for less effective physical therapy protocols and call the chiropractor first.

For musculoskeletal care, it has recently been reported that due to a lack of physical therapists meeting the need, patients are finding themselves having to wait for an appointment.  Perhaps, this is that too few doctors, despite the research supporting chiropractic are referring to their local chiropractor and finding out for themselves why chiropractic's approach to health is effective. This was recently reported by ABC News.  Check out the story below

Back pain? Bum knee? Be prepared to wait for a physical therapist

The current number of therapists falls short of increasing demand.

November 18, 2023, 6:00 AM

At no point along his three-year path to earning a degree in physical therapy has Matthew Lee worried about getting a job.

Being able to make a living off that degree? That's a different question – and the answer is affecting the supply of physical therapists across the nation: The cost of getting trained is out of proportion to the pay.

"There's definitely a shortage of PTs. The jobs are there," said Lee, a student at California State University-Sacramento, who is on track to receive his degree in May. "But you may be starting out at $80,000 while carrying up to $200,000 in student debt. It's a lot to consider."

As many patients seeking an appointment can attest, the nationwide shortage of PTs is real. According to survey data collected by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), the job vacancy rate for therapists in outpatient settings last year was 17%.

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See your local chiropractor now, when you need it.

The good news, most chiropractors are available and can see you now.  Why wait for protocol-based care when your local chiropractic sports physician is potentially more effective due to their training and holistic point of view? The secret is getting out slowly, chiropractors are a great choice for those with chronic and acute pain of the back, neck, shoulders, and extremities.   In the world of sports, chiropractors are highly sought after by athletes.   Most people don't realize that sports chiropractic began in our home state of NJ. Our office makes this easy.   Book online here.