Why we must get our exercise and the importance of movement to your health

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Today the NY Times reported on why it is important to keep moving (read the article here). Recent studies have shown that sitting for long periods actually statistically leads to shorter lifespans. Many of the diseases we have in today's society have to do with a lack of movement. A while ago, it was reported that sitting on airplanes for long periods of time could cause thrombosis in the legs and other problems. We must get our exercise. Most people are unaware that their heart actually pumps blood centrally and out to the rest of the body, however, movement pushes the blood through our arms and legs. Overall, our fitness has decreased from what came naturally years ago when most of us worked outdoors, or bicycled or walked long distances. This produced healthy hearts and cardiovascular fitness that was a part of life. In today's society, we find ourselves trying to supplement ourselves with exercise on the weekends, before work since fewer of us actually do physical work. This alone may be one of the major reasons people die from heart attacks (rather than from cholesterol which is the popular health fiend). Years ago, if you wanted to eat chicken and vegetables, you would harvest the veggies from your garden which you worked on (physical exercise) to make it grow. You grew the chickens and other livestock and when needed, you killed or harvested and then you by hand prepared, and then cooked (can you count the calories expended trying to get the meal ready?)exercise. Contrast this with today, we visit the butcher or supermarket since few of us grow and harvest our own food effectively), buy our food, cook it and in many families, the food is already prepared and we put it in the microwave (few calories or work expended here). Many people want to stay fit, which is why so many gyms cater to the desires of many to exercise. Unfortunately, many of our children sit in rooms playing video games and not moving (my son included). Staying fit improves their likelihood or a healthier and more fulfilling existence. Do them a favor, send them the link for the NY Times Article.