Wygovy, Ozempic, and Mounjaro; did you know your body produces its version of these drugs naturally?

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Oprah Winfrey, Keke Palmer, Amy Schumer and many other celebrities have lost weight on Wygovy or Ozempic which is basically the same medication.   The drugs slow digestion and how the stomach empties, making it difficult to overeat. While many regular people have lost weight with these medications by controlling their diabetes with the drugs, the drugs on off-label usage have been shown to offer significant weight loss for people wanting to lose weight. The catch is that the weight will come back when you go off the medication.   While the companies who produce it would love to be approved for many different perceived benefits the drugs have such as improvements in cardiovascular risk with weight loss, we do not know the long-term side effects of usage other than malnutrition in some cases. Did you know that your body produces substances that have these effects naturally, without the exorbitant price tag of 1400 dollars per month while the drugs in many South American countries cost 1/10th of this amount? Incretin hormones  in your gut are natural hormones that regulate intake in response to the nutrients in your food.   Perhaps, this may be why so many processed foods, low in nutrients result in weight gain. These hormones, combined with the natural gut flora help regulate hunger and ultimately weight. I found a great article on how this works.   Improve the flora in the gut and your diet, and lose weight naturally.   Check this article out below

Your body already has a built-in weight loss system that works like Wegovy, Ozempic, and Mounjaro – food and your gut microbiome

by Christopher Damman Associate Professor of Gastroenterology, School of Medicine, University of Washington Published: January 16, 2024 8:40am EST Wegovy, Ozempic and Mounjaro are weight loss and diabetes drugs that have made quite a splash in health news. They target regulatory pathways involved in both obesity and diabetes and are widely considered breakthroughs for weight loss and blood sugar control. But do these drugs point toward a root cause of metabolic disease? What inspired their development in the first place? It turns out your body produces natural versions of these drugs – also known as incretin hormones – in your gut. It may not be surprising that nutrients in food help regulate these hormones. But it may intrigue you to know that the trillions of microbes in your gut are key for orchestrating this process. I am a gastroenterologist at the University of Washington who studies how food and your gut microbiome affect health and disease. Here’s an inside-out perspective on the role natural gut hormones and healthy food play in metabolism and weight loss. Read more