Your neck pain is a full-body problem; here’s why.

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One of the most common problems people seek chiropractic care neck pain or stiffness.

Some patients will, after doing a thorough history also have problems such as tension and migraine headaches, vertigo, lower back problems, knee problems and even plantar fasciitis.

Quite often, they have had these problems addressed elsewhere such as physical therapy for their lower back, or plantar fasciitis, injections to a shoulder or other painful part. A neurologist may have even seen them for vertigo or headaches.

While some of these problems may have improved, others continue to occur requiring further visits to doctors, medications for pain and inflammation and even interventions like surgery to address a problem.

Have you ever wondered why you have all these problems and now, neck pain as well?

Chiropractic care is holistic meaning doctors of Chiropractic are trained to look at the body, how you move and function. They are primary care for the musculoskeletal system and often the one stop shop for everything that makes you ache.

Unlike most of the healthcare system under allopathy, the style of care we are all used to, chiropractors look at the malfunction behind why you hurt and use tools that have been proven to be effective in improving movement and relieving the problem causing the pain.

In the healthcare system, the healthcare providers all where white coats, take insurance and see you briefly while they either do an intervention or pass you to the next person to perform a treatment, another specialized evaluation of an area. Often, patients spend time, money and have things done to them that never resolves their problems. Worse, ask the doctor why you hurt and you will either get a blank stare, or an explanation like you are getting older narratives but truthfully, they will never tell you that their minimal training in musculoskeletal problems leaves them helpless when they do an evaluation. Chiropractors, like most physicians will test when they do not know or understand something. Medical doctors test much more using x-rays or MRI's because their evaluations are often inadequate for them to fully understand why you hurt.

Did you have all these past problems and now neck pain, or are your lower back and leg problems now chronic and the neck hurts more than all of them?

Commonly, neck problems involve the neck, shoulders, mid back, and lower back and legs.

Ignoring the rest of the body as if your neck is just stiff, will often result in failed or unnecessarily painful treatment of the condition.

Studies have shown that pain is usually a movement problem

Studies have shown that pain is usually a movement problem. Chiropractors are doctors of movement. Improve how you move, experience less pain and if you do it holistically, you visit with 4-5 problems and leave without any or most of them. Chiropractic providers are often a one stop shop for mechanical issues of the body which is the most common reason behind why your neck is painful. Chiropractors understand how to relieve the condition naturally, without drugs or injections which is supported by medical research.

Often a patient will ask me why their neck hurts. Unlike most of their experiences, I can show them exactly what parts of the body are making it difficult to move their neck.

Chronic problems can take longer to relieve because of compensations that result from improper care. Medications often make a problem more chronic by relieving a condition, but not the mechanism resulting in your pain.

Methods such as chiropractic manipulation of the spine and extremities, foot orthotics to level the pelvis, myofascial release to resolve tightness in the fascial system affecting movement and exercises can help relieve years of suffering. Move better, feel better; its that simple.

Keep it simple, think chiropractic first. Our methods are proven safe, effective and we keep it simple. Book online with the request an appointment link.