Is your old ankle injury causing knee, hip and back problems years later?


Is your old ankle injury causing knee, hip and back problems years later?

Over the past weekend she called because her knee was in pain and she had no idea why. She was visiting her third chiropractor (us) after an automobile accident and was finally feeling relief however she was frustrated that her knee would act up. During her visit she said that she had an old ankle injury from her childhood on the right side which was supposedly healed, something she failed to mention in her history. Was it possible that her knee and back problems and the severity of pain she endured had something to do with how the ankle injury affected the way she walked?

During her initial visit, her feet were taped in neutral because of how low her arches were and she noticed instantly how much better she felt. What she failed to realized is when she took the tape off, how bad she felt afterward. She was told to get orthotic inserts for her shoes but she forgot about it since money was an issue and in her mind, it was not her first priority.

During the visit that she complained of her knee pain, it was observed that her right ankle where the scar was located from her old ankle injury was very stiff. After working on the ankle, and performing manipulation to the joints of the foot and the ankle, she stated her knee felt better and so did her lower back.

The ankle and foot are part of a series of joints known as the kinetic chain. The foots ability to move affects the knee which affects the hip. If the ankle moves poorly, so will her hip and any twisting movement of the leg will impart forces that can damage the knee, as well as affect the way her core muscles work. This is explained in detail in the book Cheating Mother Nature, what you need to know to beat chronic pain. Cheating Mother Nature was written for the public, so they can understand why they hurt and have the knowledge to better choose the people that can help them when they can no longer successfully self treat painful problems.

The important thing to learn from this patients problem is that foot problems can cause damage to the knee and the hip and if the person overpronates or the foot turns out, over time, it can damage the knee and cause back pain. It is important to find a health care provider who will look at you, not just your symptoms since these are problems of mechanical origin. People with chronic pain require a good body mechanic. Most chiropractors who are certified or diplomate in sports injuries are most likely to best help you with a problem like this.

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