The American Academy of Surgeons recommends non surgical medical treatments for osteoarthritis of the hip. Should you see your local chiropractor instead?

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The American Academy of Surgeons recommends non surgical medical treatments for osteoarthritis of the hip. Should you see your local chiropractor instead? More medical professional organizations are recommending non surgical treatments for different conditions they formerly routinely treated surgically.  The most recent is this announcement from the American Academy of Surgeons regarding hip osteoarthritis. The typical approach to treating hip arthritis pain is to treat the symptom using reductionist methods such as physical therapy to the stiff or inflexible region.  The approach is accepted and widely practiced and now is being supported by the American Academy of surgeons. For years, chiropractors have helped people with hip, knee and back problems using conservative methods that include soft tissue treatments, manipulation of the joint, stretching of tight tissues surrounding the hip joint and exercises to strengthen those areas. They have avoided medications such as NSAID's because they inhibit healing, choosing instead to recommend substances that reduce inflammation without interfering with the healing process such as Omega 3 and curcumin. These methods have helped millions avoid hip replacement surgeries over the years. Movement of the hip can be affected by the feet, the ankle, and the lower and upper body.  An arthritic hip may improve further by stretching the capsule surrounding the hip. A holistic chiropractic point of view considers the pattern of movement that must be improved for the arthritic hip to feel and function better.  Working on the arthritic hip alone is likely to be less effective because the mechanism behind why the hip is degenerated is not being addressed.  Proper care for an arthritic hip must include care to the foot, ankle and back which can improve the pattern of movement that is causing the hip to degenerate. Hip replacement surgery while common, is risky and many people never walk the same as they did with their original joint.  Improving the function of a hip joint that is tight and becoming arthritic can prevent the need of joint replacement if performed regularly enough by a therapist and the patient. Our chiropractic office has helped hundreds of patients with arthritic hips improve their symptoms, the way they walk and the way their body functions mechanically, which protects their hips, ankles and feet, while preserving the health of their hips. We applaud the American Academy of Surgeons for their latest recommendation.  While their recommendation includes NSAID's and physical therapy, seeing a chiropractor instead may be a more cost effective and thorough option. You can read more about it here AAOS: Non-Surgical Tx Best for Hip OA NSAIDs, steroid injections, physical therapy favored by Nancy Walsh, Senior Staff Writer, MedPage Today December 13, 2017 The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) has established new Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) for the management of hip osteoarthritis (OA), strongly recommending nonsurgical treatments to alleviate pain and increase mobility. These AUCs are intended to help clinicians best manage the condition, with treatments being "ranked for appropriateness based on the latest research and clinical expertise and experience," AAOS said in a press release. The AUCs also support the academy's clinical practice guideline, "Management of Osteoarthritis of the Hip," which gave the highest ratings of "strong evidence" for the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), intra-articular corticosteroids, and physical therapy for treatment. Read more