Back and neck pain while working from home; Improve your ergonomics with these simple tips.

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Many of you are returning to offices for the first time in months.   While it is true that things are going back to normal and in NJ, the state of emergency has finally been lifted, it is also true that many of us may continue working from home as companies realize the benefits of having a flexible workforce. The idea that productivity increased while at home is being debated right now,  and certain workers have found that when a spouse got a job offer or relocation, they can still work from their new home or state for the same company using a laptop. Others will find that companies are shrinking their office footprints to reduce rental costs and employees can reduce their commuting costs as well. Working from home has brought challenges to workers who left ergonomically designed workstations at the office for a dinner table chair at a table that is not designed for that purpose or a couch that has poor support. Working on a laptop also has its problems since the screen is often too low and the keyboard is usually cramped. Preventing neck and back pain while working at home is all about proper ergonomics.

Ergonomic tips to help you prevent neck and back pain while working at home.

  1. If using a laptop, get a good laptop stand.   A well-designed laptop stand can be adjusted to fit your body mechanics.   Some actually allow you to work on the couch with the standing being anchored by the couch.   A good laptop stand will angle the keyboard while raising the screen level so you do not have to look downward for hours. The one pictured was found on and is inexpensive.
  2. If you do have a work desk, sit-stand desks are a helpful addition as they allow you to move instead of sitting for hours on end staring at a screen in one position.   Years ago studies had shown that prolonged sitting reduced overall lifespan. Since we need to move to pump the blood from our legs back to the heart. If you have a desk, this device will convert your desk to a sit-stand one.   It keeps you in the perfect ergonomic position whether you sit or stand. This one was also found on amazon and there are many other designs.
  3. An ergonomic chair can make a world of difference after many hours working at home.   Ergonomic chairs are adjustable for your unique body style and are an important addition to working at home.
  4. Keeping physically fit can be quite helpful before you start your day.   Begin by doing activities such as bridges, foam rolling, foot drills and even jumping rope which is good for you aerobically and can improve your cardiovascular health.  Do these before you start your day.

Still having problems with posture and your back after adjusting your workstation?   

See a chiropractor who is trained in evaluating posture, body mechanics and is primary care for your musculoskeletal health.   Book online here.