How runners can benefit from resistance band exercises according to Runners World Magazine.

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Exercise bands are a popular form of exercise and also a great warmup for those who run. Years ago, stretching was the norm but that thinking began to change when the book Total Body Training by Dominguez came out years ago.  The concept was simple: Exercises help pre-race and before exercises while the benefits of stretching were temporary at best. By performing active exercises, there were fewer injuries and stronger runners with better times during their runs. This also likely worked well because fascia only stretches after being heated to a temperature that wouldn't be tolerated by most people.   Foam rolling has since taken over, first with a device called the stick and then actual foam rollers which are more efficient and easier to use. Fascia is integral to the movement of the body and looser and more flexible fascia is integral to how we function.   Better formed fascia in combination with exercise and endurance training results in strength and speed.    Band exercises will help a runner in combination with foam rolling and other exercises I regularly suggest which include Many runners are also asymmetrically built and will benefit from foot orthotics as well.   We recommend off-the-shelf more often than custom due to the practicality and cost of it. Check out the Runners World article on band exercises which can be added to your tool kit

6 Mini Band Exercises to Build Total-Body Strength and Resilience

This piece of equipment should be in every runner’s toolkit.

BY MONIQUE LEBRUNPUBLISHED: OCT 8, 2022 You don’t need fancy gym equipment to build total-body strength. In fact, you can target all your running muscles with one simple, portable tool: the mini resistance band. This list of mini-band exercises shows you exactly how to incorporate this small yet mighty tool into your next strength routine or prerun warmup. Read more If you have tried all of these methods and are still having injuries in the legs or back from running, we can help.  Book online here.