Exercises in Elizabeth

Foam Rolling the thoraco-lumbar fascia

Thickening of the thoraco lumbar fascia will affect runners, other types of athletes and even just regular people trying to get through the day. It can be a major source of back and neck pain and a general feeling of inflexibility. Enjoy our new idea on how to use a foam roller to release tightness in the thoraco-lumbar fascia Read More »

Side, elbow and basic planks: great exercises to improve posture and activate your core muscles.

Side, elbow and basic planks: great exercises to improve posture and activate your core muscles. If you run, or just want to feel better and improve your posture, planks are an excellent exercise you can do to achieve this.  Do these prior to a run, improve your upper body stamina for longer runs or just help your core work better. Check these out Please also check out http://www.lifehack.org/292578/7-things-that-will-happen-when-you-start-doing-planks-every-day.  This is where we found this exercise. Also visit http://darebee.com/ for some great exercises as well Read More »

Proper shoe fitting; how to get the perfect shoe fit and stop a heel from sliding.

How to properly fit any shoe Proper shoe sizing is very important. Many people purchase shoes after believing they were sizes correctly, only to leave them in the closet after a few wears because of improper sizing. Even worse, shoe stores take back shoes that were purchased at the wrong size and must either resell them at or below their cost or throw them away because they were improperly sized as well. This video shows everyone how to size any shoe properly, which helps avoid painful feet, plantar fasciitis, back pain and hammer toes. Happy fitting How to stop a Read More »

Lateral roman chair situp – 1 video

The roman chair is a great tool for pelvis stabilization exercises. Performing lateral sit-up’s on the roman chair can eliminate a number of separate exercises commonly performed on the device to strengthen the quadratus lumborum as well as the oblique muscles in your mid section. Read More »

Pelvic Tilts – instructional video

Pelvic tilts are great for training your core muscles while creating more appropriate movement within the pelvis as you walk. This is a terrific exercise to help people reduce and even prevent lower back pain. This is part of the Charschan Chiropractic Core training regimen. Read More »