Exercises in Elizabeth

Pelvic Tilts – instructional video

Pelvic tilts are great for training your core muscles while creating more appropriate movement within the pelvis as you walk. This is a terrific exercise to help people reduce and even prevent lower back pain. This is part of the Charschan Chiropractic Core training regimen. Read More »

Shoulder capsule stretch protocols – 2 videos

Shoulder capsule stretches are important, especially if you have experienced a frozen shoulder. Tight shoulder capsules will cause shoulder pain however, with these stretches, you can help reshape the shoulder joints ability to move and improve the way you feel. The posterior capsule stretch is especially important for baseball pitches since they tend to experience tight posterior shoulder capsules from repeatedly These are additional shoulder capsule stretches you are unlikely to find anywhere. I developed these by working on a capsule problem I have been experiencing and they work. Check them out Read More »

Foam Rolling – upper body and lower body protocols

Demonstrating how to work on the upper traps, pects and shoulders using a foam roller. This video is a must for anyone who runs. Foam rollers are becoming popular as a pre exercise workout. This video will show you how to perform a three minute foam roller workout allowing for a more satisfying pain and injury free workout Read More »

Hip capsule stretch protocols – three instructional videos

Hip capsules can become tight and be responsible for generalized body stiffness, foot problems and lower as well as upper back pain. These are three capsule stretches you can do to relieve this tightness and over time, improve their function which may prevent future hip joint damage. These are ideal for those with tight hip capsules or people with minor to moderate hip joint degeneration that want better mobility, less pain and improved flexibility. Doing these daily will improve the way the hip joint moves and improve your sense of well being. Restrictions in the front of the capsule can Read More »