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Macro vs.Micro – Getting to the source of your problems

     Do you see your problems with your body as the big picture or from a small point of view.  This is something I have discussed with many of our patients because it is how we are able to get superior results in solving many peoples problems.  Many doctors see the micro, meaning your elbow hurts while playing tennis, so lets look at the elbow and treat it, or the person who has knee pain and your doctor as well as you are obsessed with treating that problem.  Over the years, I have learned never to take things at face value Read More »

High level activity in older adults is very beneficial – I see this with many of our patients

I came across this article (http://www.investorplace.com/20701/physical-activity-beneficial-at-advanced-ages/) regarding patients who are older.  Apparently, older people who stay active and are most likely to have better vitality later in life into their 80’s and beyond a new study shows. We have many people in our practice family who stay active and many still compete athletically.  This compares with previous generations who were more sedentary and as they got older, developed many health conditions secondary to deconditioning.  Check out the article.  Very thought provoking   Read More »

John’s Story

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