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Safe Methods For Snow Removal

Follow some simple tips to protect yourself while shoveling snow. 1. Use a fencers stance when pushing or lifting snow. It will help you protect your lower back.2. If the temperature is in the low 20’s the snow will be powder like and light. If the temperature is closer to 30, the snow flakes will be larger, wetter and heavier. Push and lift accordingly.3. Snow that has been pushed against your driveway by the plow is always heavier. Dig , push and lift with caution.4. If you are getting out of breath and are older, take frequent breaks. People suffer heart Read More »

Customized Stretches and Exercises

Customized Exercise Programs Our offices offer a unique approach to exercise and rehabilitation in the chiropractic setting, with protocols that have been tested for their effectiveness over our many years of helping patients like yourself. According to current research, exercise needs to be a part of the rehabilitation that people experience because the areas involved are weak, tight, poorly coordinated and require reeducation. Many people who are given exercise programs fail to improve and in fact, find their problems are aggravated by the process. Others, feel better while going, only to go back into their normal daily lives and find Read More »

USATF evaluates if stretching prevents running injuries – Science says it doesn’t, their study agrees and more

Yesterday, the NY times reported on a study performed by USA Track and Field, the organization that credentials the race’s and many of the running events throughout NJ (http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/09/01/phys-ed-does-stretching-before-running-prevent-injuries/) I have been working with runners and have been involved with USATF in NJ and I have always maintained that stretching does not prevent injuries.  For years, stretching had been the gold standard and even today, many running coaches who were brought up with this concept continue to teach stretching to their new and developing athletes. Years ago, when I was in chiropractic college in Illinois, a company called SPRI who Read More »