Improving your golf game through chiropractic care

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Golf Swings and Back Pain: Not What the Doctor Ordered

As a sports certified chiropractor who has an engineering background, I have helped many golfers improve their swing, their performance and how they feel before, during and after they play.

Avoiding the errors that come with one size fits all advice which is common in golfing magazines and from other free internet sources is a good place to start.

Many golfers take lessons from a pro, only to find themselves lapsing into the same bad habits that reduced the quality of their swing while resulting in lower back pain either while on the course or afterward.

Its always the worn advice of the same warmup stretches before to prevent injury, yet we are all different heights, weights and body styles. This often translates into poorer form after your lesson with the golf pro even though you have been shown how to correctly putt, drive and strategize your next swing.

Part of the complexity is how we move our hips and where in the swing we pivot to allow for follow through. This can change depending on the driver you use and its height.

Being level from the ground up is important in all sports especially in golf. If you are built asymmetrically from the ground up, sometimes a simple solution can make a huge difference.

Why should you consider a chiropractor first for problems in your golf game?

Chiropractors are holistic in their thinking of the human body. Sports chiropractors understand body mechanics and how things connect and move. This is vitally important in golf, because a golf swing relies on the enertia from the club rather than force. Once the club hits the ball, it takes off if you hit it properly. In my personal experience being enrolled in biomedical engineering years ago, I continue to use this understanding of how things work to diagnose and treat many challenging cases successfully.

Chiropractic treatment improves body mechanics and movement. This can be different from person to person which is why one size fits all doesn't. This is why from our first visit, our history is a deep dive into your present symptoms and past problems to help us understand how to evaluate you. The exam is performed from the feet up to understand how you move and function.

It is quite common for golfing problems to begin at the feet and many of our patients have foot orthotics recommended to level their hip which will have an immediate effect on how they move through their golf swing. Many will also tell me that their back pain felt improved from the inserts alone.

Our examination helps us understand why you hurt. It is also typical for us to treat you during your first visit to help you feel better and many patients get relief on their first visit.

Chiropractic treatment in our office consists of manipulation of the spine and extremities, Soft tissue treatments such as IASTM and myofascial release to improve how you move and then exercises to help you strengthen and retrain areas that are working poorly. Often, I will show golfers the mechanisms behind why they hurt and offer simple suggestions to improve their golf swing and back health both before and after they play.

Having problems with your back that are aggravated by golf. Call us today.