Older athletes who challenge our perceptions of what is possible as we age.

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Many of us assume that as we age, our abilities over time are compromised.  Even at the age of 57, where my own body does not feel like it used to, however, it does not mean that as you age, you cannot perform better. Years ago, a patient of ours who was a Masters's level athlete (52 years old) found that after we had helped him, he was running faster and with fewer injuries than he did in his 20's.  In other words, age does not mean we cannot or that something is impossible. In fact, there have been recent examples of the 105-year-old cyclist who is a world record holder, or the 91-year-old marathoner who set a record at the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon. The NY Times recently reported on how Masters runners are redefining what we think is possible.  Enjoy

Masters Runners Who Have Redefined Possibilities Compiled by AMISHA PADNANIMARCH 14, 2017

These runners have not found the fountain of youth, a time machine or a magic potion. But they have led scientists to reassess the possibilities of aging and performance. The pain of sport is nothing for these masters, who have broken records through their speed, determination, and sheer passion for movement. Here’s a look at some of the oldest runners in the world, beginning with Ed Whitlock, who died on March 13 at 86. Read more