What makes us sneeze?

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Spring is here and so is allergy season.   One of the symptoms of allergy season is sneezing.   Sneezing may also occur if you catch a cold or are exposed to an irritant in the air or underneath your bed. Sneezing is not only limited to humans. A sneeze may come on suddenly, or you may first feel a runny nose and then you have that urge to sneeze gradually come on. The sneeze does serve a function although continued sneezing will also cause more irritation which causes more sneezing. For allergy season, I usually recommend Alpha Glycosyl and nettle which will calm the inflammatory response and causes sneezing, watery eyes, and sinus drip. Sneezing does serve a purpose which is to remove irritants, remove viruses and expel other harmful things that can make us ill. Check out this article in Explore Health which goes into the science behind sneezing

Why Do We Sneeze?

Some sneezes are meant to clear irritants from our nasal passages. However, some people sneeze for more unusual reasons.

By Rebecca Strong February 17, 2022 We all know the feeling: It usually starts with a peculiar tickle in your nose, quickly building to an explosive and satisfying blast out of your mouth and nose. But why do we sneeze? As it turns out, sneezing is your body's way of getting rid of visible or microscopic allergens, viruses, and irritants, says Matthew Purkey, MD, an ear, nose, and throat doctor practicing in Hoffman Estates, Illinois for Duly Health and Care. "When our upper airway, especially our nose, senses a foreign substance that is potentially harmful, we sneeze in response to expel the substance back out," he tells Health. So sneezing is a protective mechanism. But how come it can feel so satisfying, and why do sneezes often happen in a row? And is there any way to prevent a full-blown sneeze when you sense one is coming? Here's what you need to know. Read more