The posture problem that can cause many running injuries according to Runners World.

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If you are training for the big marathon, an injury is the last thing you need as you prepare for the big race.  Posture plays an important role in how we run, and maintaining that posture over 26.2 miles can be challenging for most of us. The Washington Post talked about running posture and muscular endurance during a marathon a couple of years ago and offered some great exercises you can do now. There is another running posture problem that plagues runners known as the dropped hip.  This can cause shearing forces throughout the pelvis, affect your upper and lower back, your stride as well as your impact level at the ground. Check out their article below

This Surprising Posture Problem Could Be Behind Your Most Common Running Injuries Weak muscles may be to blame, but these three key exercises can help.

BY DANIELLE ZICKL SEP 25, 2018 As runners, we know there’s always a chance of getting injured. Sometimes it’s because we up our mileage too quickly, and other times, we’re just plain clumsy and land the wrong way. But new research shows that there’s another cause we may not even consider: contralateral pelvic drop (CPD), or the side-to-side movement of the pelvis—you would be able to notice it if you stand on one leg and your pelvis drops on the opposite side. According to a study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers out of the University of Salford in Manchester, England, found that people with hip drop were more likely to rack up running injuries like patellofemoral pain, iliotibial band syndrome, medial tibial stress syndrome, or Achilles tendinopathy. Read more