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I just bent over and hurt lower back

I just bent over and hurt lower back I just bent over in the shower and my lower back locked up She was in visiting her daughter, from Germany over the past few months. She stated that she bent over to pick up the soap in the shower and the lower back locked up. How often does this happen I asked. A few times a year she stated. She often just waits for it to go away. Her daughter said that her hip always sticks out to the side and as soon as this happened, she called to have her Read More »

Donna Lebowitz

About three years ago I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by an orthopedist. He put my wrist in a night cast and a wrist support during the day. He told me if this did not help I would need surgery. As time passed not only did my right wrist get worse, my left wrist started to hurt also. My livelihood consists of typing on the computer, and I needed pain free wrists. I stalled long enough and did not want surgery. When I heard of Dr. Charschan and his technique with Active Release I was skeptical because I had Read More »