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Resolving Knee Pain

Knee pain is suffered by millions of people, with the end result after years of suffering being either hip or knee replacement. Was the knee really the problem? Most people believe it is because they visit their family doctor who usually sends them to the orthopedic doctors who all look at the knee and give them good, bad or indifferent news, often leading to the path of more injury or even surgery. There is a better way but you need to be open to a different level of understanding of what the knee is, how it functions and why it Read More »

Resolving Plantar Fascitis

Many people suffer from this condition and visit podiatrists as well as other types of health care providers to find the answer. The answer to the problem is never found at the bottom of the foot! Simply explained, if I continue to hit your shoulder over and over, it will get sore and hurt. If I did this day in and day out, it would eventually hurt all the time. Plantar fasciitis is similar in that people who experience this, often get injections into the painful area that may or may not afford relief, and often the condition returns. This Read More »

Resolving Tennis Elbow/Golfers Elbow

Many people experience pain in the elbow and falsely believe that the elbow is the problem. Many manufacturers make devices to shield the elbow from the pain producing forces, however, the problem often never resolves and worsens over time as the person experiences periodic flare ups of pain even after rest. To properly address this, your healthcare practitioner must look at the other structures that have failed to work properly such as the shoulder and the core muscles. If either or both of these areas are compromised functionally, your elbow will be constantly strained while hitting the ball causing it Read More »

Resolving Shoulder Pain

Common complaints patients have in the office is pain in the shoulder near the neck or in the joint or as some people refer to it, the rotator cuff. Commonly, people are referred to either an orthopedic doctor who may suggest rehabilitation to the shoulder and some doctors are now referring directly to chiropractors to evaluate the shoulder. In our office, we understand that shoulder pain is frustrating and what is more frustrating is that most people find that many rehab regimens directed at the shoulder do not offer a long term benefit and often end up having surgery for Read More »

Neck Pain Relief

A common complaint we often treat is neck pain. Most people believe that neck pain is caused by the neck hurting. They never think about why although I commonly hear patients say things like ” I must have slept wrong” or “it must be stress.” Most people go to the doctor who looks at their neck and may recommend some pain reliever, or they get a massage which could offer temporary relief but the neck pain returns. Later in life, they find out their neck has degenerated and nobody was ever able to explain to them why. In our office, Read More »