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Wearing Foot Orthotics: Is It a Life-Long Necessity?

Wearing Foot Orthotics: Is It a Life-Long Necessity? One of the most common reasons for back, neck, shoulder, and even knee pain begins at the feet.   While having low arches or flat feet does not necessarily cause back and neck problems, asymmetry of the feet is an inherited trait. You look like your parents and probably walk like them too because of genetics.  Some of us need help to be more symmetrical in how we walk and move about which reduces stress on our bodies. What do foot orthotics do? Foot orthotics level the hips.  While they do provide arch Read More »

Is arthritis avoidable or inevitable?

Is arthritis avoidable or inevitable? My patients have often heard me say Uncle Artie (as in Artie Ritis) was not invited to the party although they either were told their problem was arthritis or they assumed that they had arthritis due to aging. To diagnose arthritis, you need an X-ray and a blood test.  Medical healthcare providers and often patients assume their pain or stiffness is due to arthritis which can be anything from osteoarthritis to an inflammatory condition such as rheumatoid or gout. While it is true that the body has changes that occur over time which we all Read More »

Abdominal scars from surgery resulting in chronic back problems. We can help.

Abdominal scars from surgery result in chronic back problems. We can help. According to the March of Dimes, the C-section rate in the U.S. is at 32.1%. According to iData research, there were over 1 million hernia repair surgeries performed in the U.S.A. in 2020. In 2019, it was reported that there were a reported 140,000 yearly Tummy Tuck, A.K.A. abdominoplasty surgeries performed yearly according to Summit health. Many of these patients later developed or had worsening problems with their neck, shoulders, lower back, knees, and hips.   Is there a connection? The growing problem of active scars. What is an Read More »

What is fascia and how does it control how we move and feel.

What is fascia and how does it control how we move and feel? Our patients often hear me explain the concept of fascia, fascial release, the importance of proper firing patterns, Fascia, and how it affects how we feel and function. Fascia works like an exoskeleton, and while years ago, it was mostly ignored by researchers, we now understand that it has its own vasculature, nervous system networks, and how muscle function is dependent on the fascia. Science is gradually showing us that the fascial system can be important in understanding why we hurt. Why chiropractic and fascia are important Read More »

Keep your shoulders pain free with these exercises from the NY Times.

Keep your shoulders pain-free with these exercises from the NY Times. Shoulder pain can often begin simply by reaching or grabbing for something.   Did you do something wrong? While it’s important to keep the shoulders strong and functioning well, it’s also true that often shoulder pain is often a problem that can originate in the lower body, even if that area is not painful. Something as simple as a foot orthotic can level the pelvis and reduce the tension on the shoulders, resolving or relieving shoulder pain. Poor posture will also allow the shoulders to lean forward causing impingement which Read More »